Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hosting scare-of-the-day (eVerity)

Short story... My email went down. Checked my websites hosted on the same server; also down. Checked hosting company's homepage; also down (or, only showing a status message as seen to the right).

So far so good, they seem to be working on it. Clicked on the LIVE HELP link and asked them to confirm that email, and not just mysql, was down for the moment. Got reply:

"These problems started when we restored a backup of YOUR site. Hacking is a crime! You need to be getting yourself a new host asap!"

At about the same time all my sites started to show an "account suspended"-message. Ehm... Well, I don't remember hacking my own server, and honestly I didn't even know I could hack. I must say this gave me quite a scare, since I thought I might be loosing all my gigs of email I keep on their servers.

So, it turns out they had confused me with someone else (some guy's account got suspented, and he used a friend's account on the same server to get back at the hosting company). Sites are up, and email is up save some DNS problems. All well that ends well, but really, this is not the kind of greeting you'd like when you inquire about why your email is down :/

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