Monday, August 3, 2009

Unrelated random thoughts...

I started this blog mostly to be able to post about any sync related discoveries I might make when I was setting up my many different sync services a while back. The reason I haven't posted anything for a while is simply that all services are running fine, and I really have nothing new to report. Checked up on the backup script a few days ago and it seems to be working, regularly backing up about 16 GB. PIM sync with SpanningSync, Google and my iPhone is working fine. My hacked Unicode enabled Unison is working as well (I think I inspired some people to start working on a proper way to get Unicode support into Unison, but I've been to busy/lazy to keep up with what's happened to it).

So what to write then..? Well.. I visited a friend recently, and after doing a bit of online stalking I found her blogs and have been doing some reading on the subway. What caught my eye in the end though, was her latest post.... Some people have routines, doing things the same way, shopping on the same day, running laps before breakfast every day, arriving at work the same time and so on. Of course, some other people do not. But there are also a third kind of people, who just tries to fake it!

I'm definitely part of that third group. Arriving at work the same time every day is a struggle for me! It's not that I'm lazy, it's not that I work less than others, and most of the time I work independently so as long as I attend all meetings it's really fine. It's just that I can't seem to stick to a routine! But working erratic hours will seem unprofessional, so, essentially, I have to try to fake it. I haven't thought about it this way before, but Mirae manged to capture this feeling and put words to it. ;)