Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be mindful what you tweet...

So I recently decided to buy, or at least try out, some new sync software (Spanning Sync). It seems they were giving a $5 discount if you could get a referral from someone who has already bought it, so I went ahead and posted on Twitter asking if anyone else was using it. Only one minute later the reply arrives...

Creepy! Oh well. Happy with my choice I once again went ahead and posted:

A little bit later I visited their site again to download the app to another computer, guess what I found on their frontpage?

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised companies like this monitor what is said about them on Twitter. But I'm still amazed how fast they react, I mean I assume there had to be some kind of review process before my comment ended up on their frontpage?

Anyway, I'll get back to what I think about Spanning Sync in later posts.

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  1. Yes, we look at every single one. We're just a little ADHD so we do it a lot. :-)